What You Need to Know About Spiritual Marriage

What You Need to Know About Spiritual Marriage


Many people struggle in silence due to the shame of the subject matter and the fear of rejection associated with issues of a sexual nature.

As an individual, you may suspect that you or your spouse have been having issues with spirit entities disturbing you or sexually harassing you in your dream and you wonder why and how to stop such encounters.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you certain things you need to know about spiritual wives and husbands.

Knowledge is power. When you know what you are up against, it becomes easier to fight back and of course, win the battle. The Bible says “Therefore my people are gone into captivity because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst” (Isaiah 5:13, see also Hosea 4:6).


What You Need to Know About Spiritual Marriage



Before we dive into this topic, let’s find out what spiritual marriage is. As you read this article you’ll discover much-hidden knowledge about spiritual wives and husbands you weren’t aware of and certain incidents you have been overlooking or ignoring but are having negative impacts on your life. You’ll also realize that certain acts and behaviors of yours are the core cause of your nightmares.


What is Spiritual Marriage?


Spiritual marriage is a close and intimate union between a spirit being and a human being.

There are different types of spiritual marriages:

1. Marriage between a spirit(s) and a human being.

2. Marriage between a human being and an idol(s) or god(s).

3. Marriage between a human being and the occult spirit(s) (Occult Marriage).

4. Marriage between a human being and witches or ancestral spirits.

Spirits such as incubus, succubus, perverse spirits, sexual marine spirits, and sex demons of the night love to have human beings as their partner.


What Are These Spirits At All?


Incubus is the nominal form constructed from the Latin verb, incubo, incubare, or “to lie upon, an evil or demonic spirit which is capable of taking the manly or masculine human form that comes and lies upon someone in order to have sex with the person in their sleep; especially one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping. Incubus, to the French, is known as “follet”, the Spanish call it “duende”, the Germans also call it “alp”, and it is termed “folleto” by many Italians.

Succubus is an evil or demonic spirit assuming female human form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

There are so many types of these beings as there are types of people. They are commonly referred to as “sex demons” or “night demons”. These demonic spirits are primarily spirits of sexual perversion and lust. They are the powerful and high-ranking class of demons. We know very well that the human body has 7 chakras and they act as energy gateways.

A victim of these spirits could have an encounter with an incubi or succubi in his or her dreams. If this happens, please seek deliverance.

There was a time when I was delivering a lady during the deliverance prayer service, the spirit husband manifested through the lady, saying, “I have lived more than 1,000 years. I am one of the high-rank demons. She has been mine since her birth. The covenant I have made with her is very strong. I have children with her and I always take money from her to feed my children and pay for their school fees. That is why she is always poor. Whenever she works, I take the money from her. She was supposed to give birth to female twins for her human husband, but I killed them all because I wanted her to give birth to a male human to replace me in the world of the mortals.”

Precious one, the issue of spiritual marriage is not a matter to take it lightly. You need to take action to get rid of these sex demons.

This lady is now a free person and living happily with her human husband and children.


How You Can Become A Victim


You may become a victim to sex demons through the following ways:

1. Masturbation

Practicing masturbation always gives way to demons to enter into you. Your body doors are opened to sex demons when you indulge in masturbation.

If you have been masturbating then know that you are already a victim to a spirit spouse. If you have tried all means to stop masturbating but have failed on several attempts, then bear in mind that you are a bondslave to these sex demons. You need deliverance — seek it now!


2. Fantasy Lust and fornication

Lust is a strong sexual desire which is personified as one of the deadly sins. Satan has made many people his victims through lust. Many married men and women have been consumed by lust, instead of remaining faithful to their life partners and their Creator. Likewise, many singles have been driven by lust which has led them into many immoral acts, instead of remaining single and holy to the Lord. Even after deliverance if you don’t go through the steps of retaining a demon-free state, lust can once again find its way to you. Bear in mind that God does not tempt anyone or allow lust to come your way. It is your doing when you are tempted. The Bible says, “Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death” (James 13-15).

You have to take responsibility for your actions. Giving in to the lust of the flesh will draw you away from the will of Yahveh (God) and give legal rights to demons to attack you.

These sexual demonic spirits are so attractive and seductive that many men and women easily fall prey to them. When you have sex with them, they will become married to you in the spiritual realm and your life will be afflicted with sorrows. These spirits may come into your life through fornication. If the partner you had sexual intercourse with is a victim of a sex demon, then you are likely to become a victim to this same sexual spirit of your partner.

Even if you separate with your partner the spiritual marriage will still be in place. That is why Yahveh (God) warned against sex before marriage (fornication) and sex outside marriage (adultery) because when you fall into the hands of these sex spirits through sex, then you are doomed. But if a wedding or marriage occurs before sex, the spirit may not be able to attack your life and that of your spouse because you have been lawfully married and became one. A basic godly marriage is not only two families agreeing of you to marry each other, but the families also sit down and vows are exchanged and they welcome you into their families. The most important part is the vows on the altar of Yahveh (God) which is Yahveh binding the marriage together.

Sex is beautiful and good as intended by Yahveh, but sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, and masturbation are off-limit and lead to bondage. Again, don’t forget that any sex outside marriage is risky as many have contacted wicked evil spirits through it.         


3. The Practice of Occult

Incubus, succubus, perverse spirits, sexual marine spirits, spirit wives and husbands, and evil spirits many at times come in through demonic and occult practices.

Some members of the occult, most especially women have seen their spirit husbands come to them physically, these cases are deep. There are cases in the occult where demons physically had sex with women. There are instances where people are introduced to high-rank demons and are forced to marry these spirits. In some cases, there is even a covenant made when a wedding is done and the ring and other paraphernalia are introduced. All these cases lead to spirit husband and wife habitation for them and their descendants. Most of this will happen through dreams.

Dabbling with any area of the occult, seeing a fortuneteller, psychic, witch, wizard, sorcerer, or magician even one time, can open doors to demons hereby giving them the legal right and permission to torment you.

Legal rights and permissions can also be granted to demons if you play with occult objects such as Tarot cards, Ouija boards, and whatever.

You may also become a victim of sex demons of the night if you engage in any of the following occult practices:

1. Fortunetelling of any kind such as:

(a) Tea leaf reading

(b) Palm reading.

(c) Tarot cards reading.

(d) Crystal ball gazing

(e) Numerology.

(f) Phrenology/neuroscience (fortune-telling by bumps on the head).

(g) Irisology (fortune-telling by iris of eyes).

(h) Water witching (divining or dowsing to find other things).

(i) Psychometry (divination by objects).

(j) Transcendental Meditation

(k) Yoga

2. Reading of Occult books

3. Spelling out supernatural messages with Ouija Boards.

4. Automatic Writing

5. Séances (A meeting of spiritualists)


7. Horoscopes

8. Voodoo

9. Astral projection

10. Out-of-body travel/Out-of-body experience/Soul Travel.

11. Ventriloquism

12. Levitation.

12. I Ching (A Chinese classic text describing an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy).

13. Witchcraft

14. Wizardry

15. Satanism

16. Channeling

17 Sorcery

18. Extrasensory perception (ESP) — apparent powers to perceive things that are not present to the senses.

19. Necromancy

20. New Age Movement techniques and activities.

21. Invocation and evocation (Summoning of spirits)

22. Involvement with Mediums, shrines, and any kind of magic.


4. Consulting local witches, sorcerers, fetish priests, and evil spiritualist

When you consult mediums or fetish priests for a child, that child becomes a victim to the fetish priest’s spirits or gods. A spiritual wife or husband is given to the child from birth.

You may also become a victim if you use to visit local witches, sorcerers, fetish priests, or evil spiritualists for any like of help such as healing, wealth, business, finances, and so on.

Some people are dedicated to idols, trees, altars, water spirits, and so on. All evil dedications have a spirit spouse attached, they will be married to the spirit whether they like it or not. The idols of some peoples’ families also harass them sexually in dreams.


5. Inherited from parents

The familiar spirits or ancestral spirits of parents are sometimes introduced from the womb. This normally happens when the parents of the victim have been involved in carrying sacrifices, rituals, consulting false herbalists, spiritualists, and mediums, had incisions, or has been attacked with witchcraft. This familiar spirit gets into the person’s destiny as a spirit spouse and will deal with their victims in the area of childbearing or stop them from having one. They also molest their victims sexually in dreams. Even when one gets born again the spirit spouse hides in there until they are dealt with.


If you are a victim of a sex demon or have a spiritual marriage and want to get rid of it, grab a copy of my book titled “Total Deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands: Sex Demons of the Night” and go through the processes outlined to receive your deliverance and freedom from spiritual marriage. Click here for more information on the e-book.


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In this ebook you will find out:

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  • Powerful Psalms to pray with to be set free from the menace, attacks, and manipulations of sex demons of the night. Experience the power of Angelic Prayers (Psalms).

You’ll discover:

  1. Why spirit spouses exist.
  2. What harm they can cause.
  3. Who can become a victim.
  4. How to get rid of them.

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