How to Know You Have A Spiritual Spouse

How to Know You Have A Spiritual Spouse: The Signs and Effects of Spirit Wives and Husbands


Are certain strange things happening in your life, family, home, and workplace, and don’t know the meaning of those strange things, or what is happening, or the source of the things happening?

Well, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you the indications of the signs of spiritual wives and husbands and how to know if you have a spiritual spouse or not.


How to Know You Have A Spiritual Spouse: The Signs and Effects of Spirit Wives and Husbands


Before we dive into this topic, let’s find out who a spiritual spouse is. As you read this article you’ll discover so many things you weren’t aware of and certain incidents you overlook or ignored but are having negative impacts on your life. You’ll also realize that certain acts and behaviors of yours are the core cause of your nightmares.


Who Is A Spiritual Spouse?


Millions of people have become bond slaves of sexual marine spirits, incubus, succubus, perverse spirits, sex demons, spirit husbands, and wives without knowing how they got caught up in the cobweb.

A spiritual spouse is an illegal partner that betroths itself, marries you, and claims you as its wife or husband. It fights any human being who attempts to be in love with you. It fights tooth and nail to keep you as its own forever.

These spirits violate the law of God. God never created spirits to marry human beings. It is rather these spirits that force us to be their spouse. This act of spirit beings marrying human beings and giving birth to unbalanced children began soon after creation and it has continued to our time. Therefore, every individual must be vigilant so as not to become a victim.

The Book of Genesis gave us an account of how this unlawful or forbidden act began: “And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them, wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:1-5).

When these sex demons of the night get into your life, you will encounter all sorts of pains, sufferings, problems, and troubles. Many people are facing all kinds of troubles and problems in their lives but have no clue about what or who is the cause of their nightmares. Finding the cause of a problem is halfway to solving the problem.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what or who is the cause of the pains you have been going through and the strange things that are happening in your life. Most of these pains and strange things happening to you may be the cause of a sex demon, perverse spirit, spirit husband or wife, sexual marine spirit, succubus, or an incubus spirit present in your life. When these evil spirits have sexual intercourse with you, you will have spiritual children with them in the spiritual realm unknowingly or perhaps you may know through your dreams.

One thing you should know is that whether you are the demon’s wife or the husband you are the one to provide for your spiritual children and sometimes your spiritual spouse or partner as well — you pay for all spiritual expenses with your physical wealth or money. Yes, you heard me right. This act on the part of these sex demons shows how wicked they can be to their human spouse even though they make love to them to satisfy their evil lust.

You become a bondage slave to these marine spirits, sex demons, incubus, and succubus spirits as long as you have not got rid of them. The first thing every individual must do is to know if he or she has a spiritual spouse or is a victim of a sex demon. If you found out that you have a spiritual spouse or you are a victim of a sexual marine spirit, then the next step to take is to discover the knowledge to get total deliverance from a spirit wife or husband.


How to Know You Have or Are a Victim of a Spiritual Spouse


There are many ways to know you have or are a victim of a spiritual spouse. From my experience and from people I have delivered through my deliverance prayer session, the following are the true ways to know you have or are a victim to a spiritual spouse or sex demon:


1. Frequent sex in dreams

Incubus, succubus, perverse spirits, sexual marine spirits, and sex demons of the night use the faces of people you are familiar with or unfamiliar with to visit you at night and have sexual intercourse or play romance with you. These evil spirits have mastered the art of deception and disguise themselves whenever they visit you at night and make love to you.

Whenever you see yourself in a dream having sexual intercourse or making love with your husband or wife, dad or mother, brother or sister, a friend or someone you do not know, believe me, it is no other than the sex demon masquerading himself or herself in false disguise. This is because it’s not in dreams that you are supposed to make love with such people. It is their manipulation to make you distrust your loved ones. An experience of this sort is questionable.

If you have been having frequent sex in your nightmares, it would be wise to seek total deliverance. If you want to be set free from the attacks of these sex demons, join my deliverance prayer session for me to deliver you directly or order my e-book: Total Deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands: Sex Demons of Night for your self-deliverance.


2. Marriage in a dream

Whenever you see yourself wedded to a man or woman in a dream, don’t mistakenly interpret it as a good marriage ordained by God which is coming your way soon. It means you have made a spiritual marriage covenant with a sex demon.


3. Being pregnant in a dream

Seeing yourself pregnant in a dream means you are already married to a spirit husband and now you are carrying his developing offspring within your body or being about to produce a new spiritual life — a spiritual child.


4. Breastfeeding a baby in a dream

Whenever you see yourself breastfeeding a child in a dream, it means you already have a spiritual husband and now you are nourishing his baby with your breast milk. A spiritual baby sucking your breast can lead to breast cancer and other deadly diseases and as well as your blood sacrifice to the demons.


5. Not involving yourself in a relationship

If you have no desire to enter into a love relationship or to love any opposite sex, then it means you are already in a love relationship with a spirit being. That spirit being will not allow you to fall in love with any human being. Since you have a spiritual love relationship you will encounter the challenge of a godly man proposing marriage to you or a godly woman accepting to be your wife, As a result, your marriage to a human partner will be delayed or may not happen at all. Many men and women have passed the age of 40 yet they are not married or in marriage.


6. Disappointments

Having disappointments at the edge of marriage is a sign of the presence of an incubi or succubi spirit in your life. When men or women are only interested in having sexual intercourse with you and not interested in marrying you, it is also another sign of a spiritual spouse sabotaging your life.


7. Marital Problems

One way to know if you or your human partner has a spiritual spouse is to observe your sexual feelings for your spouse and his or her sexual feelings for you. When any or both of you become a victim to a spiritual spouse, your natural love for each other will diminish until you have no sexual feelings for each other. You will suddenly hate your human spouse without a cause or reason. It may even lead to separation or a broken marriage or divorce.

A spiritual spouse can put a financial problem on any individual who engages in sexual intercourse with his or her spouse. The victim will be used as bad luck to that individual. Perverse spirits can cause the loss of a job or the collapse of a business without knowing the root cause. They will make all doors of help and opportunities to be shut against you or your human spouse. Sex demons always cause financial loss and setbacks in the life of their rivals.

Most times when these evil spirits’ jealousy grows wild, they kill their rival (human opponent) leaving the human victim as a widow or widower.


8. Irresistible Masturbation

Engaging in masturbation is one of the gateways to your chakras or the open doors to your body for these sex demons to go into you. If you have been masturbating then know that you are already a victim to a spirit spouse. If you have tried all means to stop masturbating but have failed on several attempts, then bear in mind that you are a bond slave to these sex demons. You need deliverance — seek it.


9. Fornication and Prostitution

Some sex demons afflict their victims with sexual immorality. A man or woman may engage in fornication or prostitution without knowing that he or she is been seduced by sex demons. They may not like that kind of lifestyle but they lack the willpower to stop because there is an evil force of incubus, or succubus, or sexual marine spirit behind it. If you are the type of person who give-in to sex for money or pleasure you can easily become a victim because evil spirits attack through sex.


10. Nonstop Sickness

The presence of sex demons can cause incessant sickness in the lives of your human children and spouse. There will always be a regular visit to the hospital. Your human children and spouse can be attacked by deadly sicknesses such as cancer, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), liver or kidney problem, and more.

You or your human spouse may be affected by infertility, making it difficult to have children; since the spiritual spouse doesn’t want you to have any other children in addition to what it has with you. In this case, there may be a series of miscarriages and other reproductive problems in a woman and a man; he may encounter the problem of low sperm count, pre-ejaculation, and prostate cancer.


11. Bestiality

Having the desire to have sex with animals is a sure sign to let you know that you have a spiritual spouse. The

desire to have sex with animals, actually, is not from you but your spiritual spouse residing in you.

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