How to Know You Have A Spiritual Spouse

This is a spiritual diagnostic book that checks your spiritual health status and prescribes the appropriate solution. This book will throws more light on the struggle behind the scenes…

Total Deliverance from Spirit Wives and Husbands

This book explains what spirit wives and husbands are. It also discusses the characteristics and signs of sex demons of the night…

How to Retain A Demon-Free State

Are you in the bondage of demons? Are you suffering from the attacks of demonic spirits? Are you possessed by demons, incubus or succubus spirits, perverse spirits, or sexual marine spirits?..

The Origin and Fall of Satan

There is spiritual warfare ongoing that everyone is part of. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone is involved in this spiritual warfare. Therefore, before getting to know how to win your spiritual battles over Satan…

The Origin of Demons and the Harm They Could Cause

Are you SURE you know who or what demons are? Are they real or do they exist at all? Have you been involved in “spiritual warfare” where the more you focus on demons, the more… 

How to Win Your Battles Over Satan and Demons

This book provides the guidelines to win your battles over Satan and demons. This book will prepare you for the battle. Spiritual Battles are best fought with the right weapons…

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